Affiliate Disclosure

How this web site makes money

Hello… Joe Chapuis here. I believe in transparency in my businesses and on my websites. That’s why I am disclosing that I may earn a referral fee or commission if you sign-up with, or purchase products from, people or companies via links on this web site.

In such cases, I am considered an “affiliate” partner of these service providers, and the links are called “affiliate links.” This is the norm for conducting business online, and has been since first introduced this kind of site-to-site promotional relationship back in 1996. (Amazon refers to it as their “Associates Program.”)

Signing up via these links does not affect your cost, unless you use a coupon code I provide you. In that case, your cost should actually be less than the standard, advertised price.

My affiliate relationships do not influence my recommendations. I only promote products or services I have personally used and/or thoroughly researched, in the belief they will be of high use and good value to my web site visitors. I will not risk my reputation to make a quick buck.

While one of my goals for this web site is to help educate people on how to locate and save money on quality web hosting, please keep in mind my other goal is to grow the site and business, earning a profit in exchange for my efforts. (And unless you plan to create a web site strictly as a hobby or for charitable purposes, I recommend you do the same.)

I have not received any free products, services or anything else in exchange for publicity on this site. The only consideration or benefit received is in the form of possible affiliate commissions.

If you have any questions regarding this affiliate disclosure policy (or anything else), please do not hesitate to contact me.


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